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Sonido de los cojinetes de funcionamiento normal


Sound of Normal operating bearings

1. Low buzz sound when bearings under good operating state. Otherwise, it will sound sharp hissing, squeaking, or other irregular sound. Improper lubrication may cause this situation. Plus, improper bearing clearance can also make the same.

2. Dent on the outer ring race may lead to the vibration and make the smooth and clear sound.

3. It shows the rolling piece might be damaged when intermittent noise occurs. When the damaged surface being crushed, it will make the hissing sound if exists the contaminant things. Loud and irregular noise will release out if the bearings damaged seriously.

4. Percussion scars could also produce this noise when installing bearing, the sound of noise will be different with the different speed.

Abnormal bearing noise

1 Loud metal noise

1.1 Reason: Abnormal loading. Solution: modify coordination, check out the bearing clearance, adjust loading, correct the position of the shell shoulder.

1.2 Reason: Wrong installation. Solution: improve the installation accuracy, installation method.

1.3 Reason: Insufficient or inappropriate lubrication. Solution:supplement lubricant and choose appropriate lubricant.

Rotating parts contact with other parts. Solution: correct the curved road seal part.

2. regular noise

2.1 Indentation, rust or scars caused by the other things when rolling on the bearing surface. Solution: change bearing, clean relevant parts, improve the sealing and use suit lubrication.

2.2 Surface deformation(after steel carburizing). Solution: change bearing and pay attention when using them.

2.3 Separate from the race solution: change another bearing.

3. Irregular noise

3.1 Large bearing clearance. Solution: research coordination and check out the bearing clearance, adjust loading.

3.2 Other things invasion. Solution: change bearing, clean relevant parts, improve the sealing and use suit lubrication.

3.3 Ball damaged and separated. Solution: change another bearing.

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